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LB Makeup Masters (Golden SJR recreation)

The Makeup Masters class is for artist and everyday women looking to learn advanced techniques to take their makeup application to the next level. The look demonstrated will be a recreation of one of my most liked photos of Sarah Jakes Roberts. We will cover techniques that will have you not only flawless in person but, photographs, videos, stage appearances etc. This class will be demonstrated on a model.

Techniques will include

  • Basic skincare
  • Prepping skin for makeup application
  • Brow shaping and filling with different products, based on your desired brow
  • Eyeshadow placement and blending
  • Selecting and mixing the perfect foundations for your skins undertones and skin type
  • Color correcting and Concealing blemishes and imperfections
  • How to achieve a Flawless foundation application
  • Cream and powder highlighting and contouring
  • Bronzing
  • Blush placement
  • Highlighter placement
  • Customizing lashes
  • Selecting the perfecr lip combinations
$50.00 USD
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